Shipping Policy | BOROZworldwide ships its products at the earliest date and time possible without any charge to the customer to ensure each package delivered will reach its destination without any exceptional events. All orders will be shipped within the next 24-48 hours after payment has received according our records. Estimated delivery time for European customers is 5-7 business days, same for US and Canada customers and 10-12 business days for the rest of the World. An e-mail with tracking number will be forwarded to the customer when the package have been delivered. There may be unforeseen delays due to, for example, customs clearance which BOROZworldwide cannot be held responsible for. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for import restrictions, duty, VAT or any other costs based on the country you asking to deliver to. If the address typed on your order is incorrect, and consequently the product cannot be correctly delivered, BOROZworldwide cannot be held responsible nor liable. We only have the data you type on your order to act by. BOROZworldwide will do everything on its power to ship to the address you typed in the checkout process.

Cookies and Analytics | On BOROZworldwide cookies are used for the purpose of optimizing the website, and its functionality, making the visit as easy as possible. We use log statistics at the domain '', which means, we have a statistics system, that gathers information to supply us with a statistical indication of how many visitors the site has, where they are from, and on which pages they leave the site and more. By using our site you are acknowledge and accept this term. This is only used for the purpose of improving the website and cannot affect the privacy of the individual visiting our site. Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports. Additionally, Google Analytics uses only first-party cookies. This means that all cookies set by Google Analytics for your domain send data only to the servers for your domain. This effectively makes Google Analytics cookies the personal property of this website domain, and the data cannot be altered or retrieved by any service on another domain.

Severability | Should any clause of these Terms and Conditions of Business or contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the clauses. In this case the parties shall replace the invalid clause with another clause which closely reflects the economic purpose of the original.

Agreement | If you do not agree with or wish to accept the terms of either this Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy do not use the product or visit BOROZworldwide website (''). By using BOROZworldwide products or otherwise accepting this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and represent you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements above. Read and make sure you understand it, If you do not understand the Agreement, or do not accept any part of it, then you may not use the website nor its products.

Sale and Usage terms | Overuse of traction force will not speed up the process and may cause damage to your internal nerve and tissue structure. Remove the device immediately if you experience any pain, soreness, discolouration, numbness or any other abnormality and consult with a health care professional. This product is not intended to have any therapeutic purpose whatsoever or to cure any disease condition. By using this product you acknowledge sole responsibility for taking any harm, injury or any other risk arising from the use of the product or any reliance on it. BOROZworlwide disclaims any responsibility that may arise from any kind of use out of this product. The gains will be proportionate to the amount of time and traction force along with the total time of usage. All sales are final as it is sanitary product. Results may vary from subject to subject. Use the device as instructed in the manual only.

Grounds for exclusion or termination | The right to revoke expires early for contracts to deliver sealed goods not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons should the seal be removed subsequent to delivery. BOROZworldwide products are a sanitary products which under public health law is not permitted for resale after opening the seal. Products returned with broken seal are disposed of by us. The right to revoke does not apply to the delivery of goods which are not prefabricated and require custom selection or specification from the consumer to be produced or are clearly tailed to the personal needs of the consumer or for delivery of sealed goods which under public health law are not suitable for return should the seal be removed following delivery. The modalities specified in the above paragraph are not a requirement to effectively exercise your right of revocation.